La Première

First post are always difficult. 
There suppose to introduce you to your audience, give them an idea of what you’re about. Make them want to come back for more. 
So how do you introduce yourself online? 
Hi, my name is Stefani. I’m 20+ years old. 
But those are just logistics, facts, they tell you things but do they really tell you things. (How many other Stefani’s who are 20+ years old that exist? I would imagine more than a couple handfuls). 
I’m a writer in training, a writer in progress. I at this posting, I haven’t been published in anything broader than my university literary magazines but I would love to be (obvi). 
I used to write continuously. 
Now I’m a writer, trying to remember the movements. Retrain my muscles. Re-growing and building the muscles. Remembering the words. 
When you workout and train your muscles—weightlifting, gymnastics, running, whatever—the process literally tears you muscles apart and regrows the muscle to be in between the tears, thus making it stronger, firmer—like a callus, more flexible—capable to bend further, push further, lift further, go further than before. 
Muscles need to be continuously pulled, pushed, tenderized, torn, worn, in order to continue to grow, to better themselve. And when you stop using them, first they clump together, unsure of what to do with the extra tissue, that is no longer used. Then it begins to melt, to disintegrate, disappearing all the previous work into uselessness, fat, or nothing at all. 
My fingers are thick with the unuse. Even typing these letters they try tom remember the order that Mavis Beacon taught long ago. One finger typing, two fingers, slow or fast? Lots of mistakes are made, erased and made again. But, just like muscles, as you retrain, they re-remember and it’s not hard to recreate the growth, recreate the skill. Remember the practice. 
But one must not stop. 
So here’s to first post, and re-remembering. 
And here’s to continuing. 

à la prochaine,